Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beauty Bar Sample Sale Event

The company that sends out the Allure Sample Society monthly subscription box is currently having a mystery sample warehouse event!

This is only available for a limited time while supplies last.

The options are:  Buy 5 samples for $10 
                           Buy 10 samples for $18
                           Buy 15 samples for $25

Each options includes a variation of either an A or B box. They have also stated that samples will not be duplicated within each box.

I went ahead and did some research... there seems to be an issue when trying to order both variation A and B of an option so call Beauty Bar if you experience any difficulties. Also shipping rates will raise the price of each box. For example, I live in AZ and for one 15 sample box my total cost is about $35. 

It's a bit pricey when you consider shipping but it is 15 beauty samples and it's always nice to get a surprise in the mail :)

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