Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Blush Mystery Box

August's Blush Mystery Box included six items, four of those being full sized.Two of the items were makeup
products, one was a nail polish and the rest were skin care and hair care items.

Dr. Brandt BB Matte- Full Size! Value $39

My first thought when seeing this was " Oh no! Light to medium? It might be too light for me!" This is one of the drawbacks of not being able to customize your blush mystery box. Luckily I tried this on over the weekend and it's a little bit lighter than what I would usually use but it still works for me. I feel really bad for those that it didn't match their skin tone because this was the most expensive item in the box. 

It is a bit drying to me so I used a moisturizer before applying. Also when I didn't use the moisturizer I was having a VERY hard time blending but it wasn't so bad with it.  Sephora gives it poor reviews but Ulta's are a bit more positive. I didn't notice any shine but I will look out for it next time I use it.

SkinMedica Dermal Repair Creme- Travel Size .25 oz Value $12-$18 (for travel size!) Full size in link but found for way less on Amazon 

Another product I have yet to try : P

But from the description I'm afraid it might cause me to break out :(
It is best for normal to dry skin. I'm combination but suffer more from oily skin than dry.

Reviews are pretty positive on Amazon

Nailtiques Nail Laquer in Milan- Full Size Value $10 but Amazon has them for a dollar less 

The color will be a hit for the fall. Hopefully it goes on well and has a good color pay off. Reviews are mixed on Amazon.

Nick Chavez Plump N' Think Thickening Shampoo- 2oz Value $5

I'm pretty excited to try this shampoo after reading the reviews on Ulta. It seems to be very effective at adding volume and fullness to fine hair.
Neuma Style Texturizer- Full Size Value $24

Been waiting to curl my hair to try this. Hopefully it has great hold without that stiff hair look.

Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in Graphite Glint- Full Size Value $18

Tried this shadow pen this past weekend with another I had received in a subscription box. It blended well for my smoky eye look. The only con is that you can't twist it to get more. It states that you need the pixi sharpener. I'm sure any jumbo eye pencil sharpener will do but I don't own one as all of my eye shadows come in palettes.

*** Well there you have it! Overall I spent $26 on this box and received over $100 worth of products. Once again I was underwhelmed by this box. They have a lot of skin care products and I'm very picky at what I put on my face since I break out pretty easily. They also have a TON of hair products and my hair is very fine so I don't feel the need to have so many.

I wish they would include more makeup products than they do. I did an inventory of all my subscription boxes and decided that this box just wasn't worth it for me. Maybe in the future I'll re-sub if they start including more makeup products.

If you're subscribed to Blush Mystery Box, sound off in the comments with your opinions about the August box.

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