Monday, September 22, 2014

Julep Jewel Mystery Box

Cost: $24.99 ( I saved $10 with a coupon 10foryou)

Products: $100 worth of nail polish and beauty items

Apparently, this mystery box had two variations. Some received a box full of nail polish while others, like myself, received a box full of beauty products and only one nail polish.

Julep Mask Noir- Full Size! Value $32 ($25.60 Mavens) 

This mask is made with rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae Lipid Extract and green coffee bean oil. It is also paraben and sulfate free. Use it 1-2 times per week for smoother, brighter, and hydrated skin. I've been looking for face masks to try so this is a welcoming gift. It only has 3 stars on their website but we shall see.

I could not find these on the Julep website so they might have been a limited time item for their subscription box.These will be a great product to add to my makeup bag. As the day goes my face tends to get oily and these will come in handy. They are supposed to absorb oil and shine without removing your makeup. 

Julep Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara (Color: Espresso Brown)- Full Size! Value $15.90

I have way too much mascara from my subscription boxes so I didn't want any from a company that primarily deals with nail lacquer. But this is a brown which will be different. Once again i could not find this particular shade on their website which makes me think they are just getting rid of old inventory for these mystery boxes :/ Not cool Julep.

Julep Ink Gel Eyeliner- Full Size! Value $19.99

I'm received many eye liner from my subscription boxes but none have been gel based so I happy to receive one. Gel liner seems to last longer on me and they are usually very pigmented. But once again not on their website. 

Julep Nail Lacquer (Color: Alma)- Full Size! Value $14 ($11.20 Maven)

The only polish I received :( It was from their 2012 Trina Turk collection. It's not a shade I already own so I'm glad to add it to my collection. Julep polishes are 4-free and have great color payoff.

Julep Double Duty Makeup Brush - Full Size Value $28 ($22.40 Maven)

At first I though this was a random brush they threw in. But I went to their website and realized the brush is actually two brushes. You just pull out the top half and bam! another brush! (I didn't realize this before taking the picture but the link will show it) The one shown is a tapered foundation brush and the one inside is a flat concealer brush. You may keep them attached, separated or attached as a double ended brush. My favorite item in the box and the bristles are very soft. 

Conclusion: Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the jewel mystery box. I was expecting more nail polish and I believe they shouldn't have had a box variation that contained mostly beauty products.  The value of the box was about $119 so they did keep their promise of the box containing $100 worth of products but I felt like most of these were items they just wanted to get rid of. Julep is know for their polishes and this would have been a great chance for new, potential  costumers to try them. But I will be using all the products so I didn't completely lose out. In the future I don't think I will be ordering their mystery boxes again. 

What do you guys think of the Julep Jewel Mystery Box? Also if you ordered one which box did you receive? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Acqua di Gioia Fragrance Review

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani 

Recently, I have been trying to build up a fragrance collection consisting of five scents or so. This perfume is lucky number four!

I first encountered this perfume after receving a fragrance sample through Sephora when I bought Flowerbomb. I absolutely loved it at the first try.

The scent reminds me of the ocean. It is a refreshing scent that doesn't overpower. Light and airy it is great for the workday and for an evening out. 

If you don't enjoy fragrances with a strong scent, this is a great perfume to try out! It is definitely different from the other fragrances I currently own so it is a nice change. 

Have you guys tried Acqua di Gioia yet? Love it or hate it? Leave your comments below! :)

Boxycharm Subscription Box: September Review

Cost: $21 a month

Products: 5-6 beauty items which include nail care, skin care, makeup, hair care, fragrance and more. At least 4 of these items will be full sized

Ships to: US

September's box included mostly makeup products (Boxycharm is popular for this), a nail polish and fragrance. Subscribers receive the same products but with color variations. Check out my previous Boxycharm reviews here!

Each box contains a card detailing the products for that month. This month's theme is 'Fashion Week'

Coastal Scents Go Palettes in London- Full Size! Value Normally $12.95 but currently on sale for $8.95

I was a little sad that I didn't receive the more neutral shades palettes but this is just fine for me. The size of the shadows are smaller than a quarter but it's supposed to be a travel sized palette. Some colors are more pigmented than others. I will post some swatches down below. 

 Here are random swatches. As you can see the pigmentation varies per color. 

Tarina Tarantino Fleur de Lash Mascara (Limited Edition)- Full Size! Value $19.00

I have previously received another Tarina Tarantino mascara in another box and I believe it was the same. It's just in a different, limited edition packaging. The prior mascara didn't have much 'wow' factor but it does the trick for an everyday look. I'm thinking the same will apply to this one.

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss (in Blushing Bride)- Full Size! Value $19.00

I love Tarte cosmetics! This color is absolutely gorgeous. It's a little bit sticky, though. 

NCLA Nail Laquer (in Catwalk Queen)- Full Size! Value $16.00

This shade is stunning. A light beige color.It is a 5 free polish.

Hello by Harvey Prince- 10ml Value $29.00

This fragrance's scent is a bit strong but that's not to say it isn't a nice scent. My boyfriend loved it and a few, small spritzes will do. It's a bubbly, fresh scent that reminds me of summer which is still not over in AZ ;) 

Conclusion: Once again Boxycharm has far exceeded my expectations. They have gained so much popularity over the last few months that they now have enacted a waitlist. I suggest you get on the waitlist ASAP if you're interested since word is spreading like wildfire over how amazing this subscription is. I will be using every single item in this month's box. The value is about $96 for a box that cost me $21 :)

What do you guys think of the September Boxycharm?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ipsy Subscription Box: September Review

Cost: $10 a month

Products: Full size and samples of beauty/makeup products. Plus everything comes in a makeup bag!

Ships to: US and Canada

Ipsy will send out products based on the results of a style quiz that may be updated whenever you want. Items that I receive may be different from what others or you may get. This month's theme was 'Street Style' and I totally love this little bag!

Hikari Lipstick (in Cabernet)- Full Size! Value $13

This color is the perfect deep, red hue for fall. The description mentions that it goes on matte so be sure to apply lip balm before. 

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish (in Red Red Wine)- Full Size! Value $9

Another absolutely, perfect fall shade. I can't wait to pair this up with the Hikari lipstick!

This powder can be used alone or to set your foundation for a matte finish. I'm a fan of translucent powders to set in your foundation. It doesn't add an extra layer of color and it's great for those with oily skin for that smooth finish. Hopefully this powder does the trick.

I was so sad when I pulled this out of the bag. I had received this exact cream from another box and I just couldn't get used to the scent. It is moisturizing but the scent just isn't for me. I gifted the last one to my mom so she'll be happy to get another one :)

I've been searching around for a good face cleanser that will not dry out my skin but doesn't make it oiler so I'm glad to try this sample. Hopefully it won't cause me to breakout. I've read reviews on the Ipsy product page that the scent is a bit strong but you end up washing it off anyways so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Conclusion:  Not one of my favorite Ipsy bags but I will be using every product I received except for the cream. And I'm very excited about pairing up the nail polish and lipstick. I paid $10 for this bag and received a value of about $51 not including the value of the makeup bag.

What did you guys think of the September Ipsy bag? 

Beauty Bar Sample Sale Event

The company that sends out the Allure Sample Society monthly subscription box is currently having a mystery sample warehouse event!

This is only available for a limited time while supplies last.

The options are:  Buy 5 samples for $10 
                           Buy 10 samples for $18
                           Buy 15 samples for $25

Each options includes a variation of either an A or B box. They have also stated that samples will not be duplicated within each box.

I went ahead and did some research... there seems to be an issue when trying to order both variation A and B of an option so call Beauty Bar if you experience any difficulties. Also shipping rates will raise the price of each box. For example, I live in AZ and for one 15 sample box my total cost is about $35. 

It's a bit pricey when you consider shipping but it is 15 beauty samples and it's always nice to get a surprise in the mail :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sample Society Subscription Box: September Review

Cost: $15 a month

Products: Deluxe and full-sized beauty/makeup products.

Ships to: US

September's box included a variety of skincare, haircare, beauty products and fragrance. Everyone receives the same box, there are no variations.

Each box contains a little booklet with more information about that month's products and why they were chosen.

Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream- Full Size! Value $85

I was a little bummed out when I read that this would be included. I don't really use eye creams. But the hype over this is huge so I will give it a try. It is paraben free as well. You receive the full size but it is pretty small (0.5 oz). It also comes with a cute little scooper.

This product works best for those with damage to their hair. That's not the case for mine but the booklet states that it also works with those with fine, undamaged hair to help give it volume. It smells nice and the cream has a nice consistency. Plus it is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic color.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Fragrance Sample- Value $1? 

Most people hate it when they receive fragrance samples but I am not one of them. I believe this is a great way to build up your fragrance collection by exploring new scents. This one was a win for me. The scent is absolutely beautiful. Sexy but in a subtle way with a hint of floral. I will definitely be buying this fragrance next :)

I've always wanted to try a face primer but didn't know where to start so I'm happy to have received this one. It helps with oiliness to make your makeup last. It also contains salicylic acid (a pore declogger) in case blackheads and zits are an issue. It is oil and paraben free. This is a win for me! It's a small sample but since I only use a lot of makeup one day on the weekend, it should last me quite a while.

This is not a product I would buy myself and I was dissapointed to receive it. It's fall (not really in AZ but still) so it's not really something to be used currently. But there is no smell and it's supposed to be moisturizing. I might give it a try but it will probably be gifted. 

Conclusion: I will admit when I first read the spoilers for this month's box I felt very dissapointed. But after receiving it I will be using most of the products. I will try the eye cream for a few weeks. The only thing I might not end up using are the tanning face towelettes. I paid $15 for this box and it had a value of about $110.

What do you guys think of the September Sample Society Box?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tarina Taratino Cosmetics on Sale!

Hautelook is having a sale on Tarina Taratino cosmetics and this sale includes the Conditioning Lip Sheens ( I reviewed one that I received in my August Boxycharm). This sale ends on Sunday at 8am Pacific Time. This is my chance to stock up on the other lip sheens colors! Here's the link

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