Monday, July 7, 2014

My Favorite New Fragrance


Monday blues!! Even worse after a long holiday weekend, am I right? 

Well to cheer us up here's a review on my newest fragrance obsession... drum roll please!! ...

FLOWERBOMB by Viktor & Rolf 

For the longest time I saw the ad for this in every magazine I would read. But I never gave it much thought. One afternoon I mercilessly dragged my boyfriend into my local Sephora store ( the sweetheart never complains!)and he wandered over the cologne section (who can blame him?! that's about the only area he can seek refuge!). There he stumbled upon Spicebomb and we both thought it was a nice, musky scent. 

Lo and behold! They had a fragrance for her! Flowerbomb! The next time I was in I decided to try it. Now this was around 2pm. I went home and worked out around 6pm. Afterwards as I stepped into the shower (around 9pm ish) I noticed that the scent was still there!! After all that hard work and sweat! That in itself sold me.

But the scent is a winner too. It isn't overwhelming but strong enough for people to notice and compliment you on it. To me it screams "sexy and seductive". Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Now the only issue is really the price for the size. I bought mine at Sephora for $80 for only a 1oz. But that's what you pay for quality and a durable scent. 

Have you guys tried Flowerbomb yet? Love it or hate it? Leave your comments below! :)

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